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Play and learn with our
Spade Language Cards!

Language Cards 3.jpg

Have some fun while you study with our very own Spade Language Cards! 

Play some of your favorite games with a language challenge twist, including:

I Declare War, Go Fish, Old Maid, SPOONS/PIGS, Slap Jack, ERS, Palace, President, Bluff

and more!

How it works:

The Spade Language Cards add language challenges to the standard 52-card deck we know and love. This way, whether you choose to play with our instructions or create your own rules, you'll be able to practice the language(s) you're learning while having some fun!


Great for: group study sessions, language exchanges, and classrooms with mixed language levels


The Spade Language Pack includes:

  • 52 playing cards + 2 Jokers + 4 DIY wild cards

  • 102 language challenges

  • 9 language card game instructions

Language Cards 1.jpg

Tell me more!

What languages can I study with?


The cards are written in English, but the goal is for you to do the challenges in the language you're studying.

Feel free to do these challenges in Spanish, French, Japanese, Swahili, or any other language

Even English learners can benefit from having this deck of cards: I used these challenges to practice English while playing cards with Korean middle school students!

Why are there two language challenges on each card?

For each game, there are special rules for when players should do a language challenge. At that time, players can choose to do one or both challenges on the card.

Language Cards 2.jpg

Can I make my own challenges?

Yes! There are 4 DIY cards! Swap them with the main cards or add them in for extra chaos! 

Can I just use my own playing cards?


We pre-printed 102 language challenges throughout the deck to make a random and seamless experience. But we also want to make this game accessible to learners everywhere:

Check out our resources page to find our PDF of 30 challenges for you to try with a regular deck of cards. You can also find the instructions for all 9 of the card games listed above for free

What are you waiting for?!!

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