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Speak in Spades' Language Journals

Ready to answer 150 questions in a new language?
get a book and do it!

The hardest part about learning a language is using it, and let’s face it:

We all want to make meaningful sentences.


Sure, it's good to know words like “left” or “right” in Spanish, but can you describe how to get to the nearest grocery store?


If this is a challenge for you, then you might want to give one of our journals a try.

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A little about me:

My language journey started with Spanish classes in my elementary school, and since then I've added Italian, French, Japanese, Korean and more to my experiences! I also studied Latin, Ancient Greek, and Linguistics at Rutgers University (whoop whoop!!). Long story short:

I LOVE languages!

I made these journals because I was frustrated with the way I measured my language progress…

With most of the languages I studied, I reached a point where I didn't know what I knew or what to study next. Most resources focus on grammar and vocabulary, or sentences like "Tom ate an apple," but don't give space for learners like me to express ourselves and review what really matters to us.


When I talked with other language learners about their biggest struggle, many complained that it was hard to practice making useful sentences. One said, "If you make a workbook, I'll buy it!" So I did, and I gave it to her as a gift! XD


To create these journals, I studied language acquisition topics, researched common get-to-know-you questions, surveyed other learners, and ultimately listed 150 questions covering 10 topics for learners who want to build their skills with content they’ll actually see in the real world.

A Look Inside the Journals:

Each journal covers the main 10 topics needed to have casual conversations:

Self Introductions, Daily Routines, Hobbies, Preferences, Descriptions, Past Events, Travel, Directions, Clothes, and Goals and Plans.

The chapters start off with a vocabulary “cheat sheet” section.

Here, you can list some key words you’d like to use for the questions on the next few pages. There are some vocabulary suggestions in the bottom corner to get you started, but you are encouraged to list the words that matter to you!


With 15 questions to answer for each topic, you’ll have 150 useful and meaningful questions to answer about yourself in one little book!


Before you get to the chapter prompt, there's a page with space for you to organize your grammar notes. This is where you can write down any new grammar that you used to answer the questions from the Q&A section. You can look back at these notes later!


At the end of each chapter, you’ll be asked to talk about the topic’s theme in more detail. In most cases, you’ll be able to talk about yourself and one other person (i.e. a family member, friend, or even a celebrity!). This will help you put everything you together so you can see how much you’ve learned!


Finally, you’ll get special pages dedicated to topics that are important to mention, but not long enough to deserve its own chapter. As you can see, I really tried to think about the essential language skills you’d need to have a strong foundation in any language. 

By the end, you’ll be able to ask and answer 150 questions in Spanish, Portuguese, English, or French (new)! 

Coming soon: Korean, Japanese, Swahili, Italian

What are you waiting for?

Get your journal today!

Why buy our journals?

These language journals were created to help learners like you gain confidence in your sentence building skills by writing about someone you already know: yourself! 


Benefits of having this book:

  • Use what you’re learning to build meaningful sentences! We give you the questions so you can study them and practice how to answer them.

  • Get to know yourself in another language! Imagine having all the benefits of journal writing WHILE learning a new language! Think about it, when was the last time you sat and answered 150 questions about yourself?

  • Ask and answer questions to native speakers online as you go. The best way to learn a language is to use it, so why don’t you post your answers on social media or find a language exchange partner?

  • Review your journal at any time! If you ever need to review your notes, you can find them pretty easily with this journal. Your grammar and vocabulary notes will be separated, and your question responses are separated by topic. 

  • Bring your journal anywhere! These 5.5in x 8.5in  journals fit comfortably in your bag or in your hand as you travel.

Plus, you'll be supporting my dream of adding more resources to the language community! ;)

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