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Speak, Play, Learn 


And feel confident while doing it!













Looking for a fun language resource? You've come to the right place!


This year, 50% of all purchases will go to our Scholarship Fund. We hope to give one high school student and one college student a chance to continue their language studies. 

Who said acing a language had to be boring?

Take a chance and reach your language goals with us today!♠


Learn a language with playing cards!


How can a deck of playing cards help you reach your language goals? Well, we can think of at least 9 ways to get you there!


Check out our Spade Language Cards and order a pack today! ♠

Get to know yourself with our Language Journals!

Answer over 150 questions that actually matter to you in a new language with one of our language journals ♠

Best for: advanced beginner - intermediate learners, classrooms, or learners with tutors 

Available in:

English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese (Korean coming soon!)



"Any and everything can be a resource, so find what you like and

be creative with your study sessions."

- Tiara Youngblood


Are you a Diamond, Club, Heart, or Spade?

Take these short personality quizzes for study plan ideas, learning tips, and finding out your card suit! 

Pro tip: Share your quiz results with #speakinspades on any social media platform for a shout out!


Blog Topics:


Find our card game instructions,  language challenges, worksheets, and more here to jumpstart your language study sessions! 


Speak in Spades is a foreign language resource company dedicated to providing engaging resources that encourage self-expression and unique approaches towards reaching personal linguistic goals to instructors and self-learning students. 

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