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The Card Master

Hello and welcome!

I’m Tiara Youngblood, the founder of Speak in Spades and now your new language cheerleader!

Ever since my elementary school days in the Spanish club, languages have captivated me. Italian, French, Japanese, Korean... you name it, I've dived into it!

At Rutgers University, my passion took a scholarly turn with Latin, Ancient Greek, Linguistics, and Secondary Language Education. 

My philosophy on language learning has evolved immensely. It's not just about 'fluency'; it's about the joy and challenges along the way.

frustrated boy sitting in front of a desk
Tiara Youngblood sitting in front of a wall with wings, creator of Speak in Spades
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speak in spades

Language learners thrive on three key elements:

challenges, games, & a sense of community

At Speak in Spades, we:

  • Craft daily guided challenges for self-learners to progress at their own pace.

  • Nurture a motivating environment that promotes accountability towards language goals.

  • Merge learning with fun, using unique card games as a creative approach to language practice.

Get in touch 

We love hearing from you and are eager to learn how we can enhance your experience.


Remember, our goal is to keep you excited and committed to your language goals, so feel free to share your thoughts.

We're thrilled to be a part of your language learning adventure and hope you're just as excited to have us cheering for you!

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