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Language Game Instructions

I'm SO excited to share these instructions and language challenges with you! Use any of the instructions with the language challenge list to add a bit of fun to your study or review sessions with your friends. These can also be great for language exchanges and classrooms, since I even used these ideas in my own classrooms! 

Bluff Instructions - Are you good at telling lies? Players: 2+

ERS Instructions - If you have good reflexes and a small group, this one's for you. Players: 3+

Go Fish Instructions - A great game for passing time. Players: 2+

I Declare War Instructions - Collect all of the cards to win! Players: 2+

Old Maid Instructions - Don't be the last one holding a Joker! Players: 2+

Palace Instructions - Get rid of all your cards with a bit of strategy. Players: 2+

President Instructions - Try to be anything but a peasant! Players: 4+

Slap Jack Instructions - Put your reflexes to the test with a friend or five! Players: 2+

SPOONS Instructions - Collect all of the cards to win! Players: 3+

Language Challenge ideas

Free Language Challenges - Here are 30 language challenges from the 90 that you can find in our Language Playing Cards! Try using these with the game instructions above to add a learning twist to your favorite playing cards. 

Free printables

One of the best methods for learning a new language is using worksheets. Use these during your study sessions and put them in places where you could see them. For example, you could put them on your refrigerator or next to your mirror. If you keep them in a notebook or folder, try to look over your resources at least once a month as a healthy practice. 

DIY Cheat Sheets:

Introductions Cheat Sheet

Numbers Cheat Sheet

Personality and emotions Cheat Sheet

Weather Cheat Sheet

DIY Worksheets:

Numbers Worksheet

Daily Routine Worksheet

Review Worksheet - A great way to keep track of what you've learned weekly/biweekly/monthly.

recommended resources


Blank Clock Printables - Filling out a blank clock with numbers and expressions for telling time is a great way to practice. There are 3 printable versions to choose from on the website, but the third one is recommended.

Accountability Websites and Apps:

Stikk - Stikk helps users define their goal (whatever it may be), acknowledge what it’ll take to accomplish it, and leverage the power of putting money on the line to turn that goal into a reality by signing a 'Commitment Contract'.

Beeminder - By replying with data when prompted, Beeminder plots your goal progress with a bright red line to your goal. Keep all your datapoints on the good side of your red line to avoid paying a fee.

Listening Resources:

Lirica - Study a language with the power of music while getting to know the culture along the way.

Language Transfer

Language Drops - Enjoy quality illustrations and hear professional voice actors pronounce more than 2500 words in over 45 languages.

Connect with Language Communities (Speaking Resources):

Hilokal - Join live audio calls with people from around the world as a speaker or listener. You could also create your own audio table.

italki - Build connections and receive feedback from native speakers and professional teachers for free in the italki community.

Flashcard Resources:

Anki - On top of being able to create your own flash cards, Anki helps you practice the material that you're about to forget. Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and any device with a web browser.

Quizlet - There are thousands of vocabulary and grammar flashcard sets for you to use however you like. Make your own flashcard sets from scratch or save pre-made flashcard sets so that you can add flashcards specific to your needs. You can review your flashcards with fun games or even graded tests.

Fun Resources:

Legendary Language Learner - If you enjoy fantasy-themed games, then this platform has EXCELLENT language games that you could play in a group or solo. There are games for every level (beginner to advanced), and the language challenges that come with each game work for practicing any language. Between the art, fantasy stories, and language challenges you can find in the card games, you're sure to look forward to study sessions that include these games! BONUS: You can apply to the "Apprenticeship" for support from the creator himself!

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