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All Around the House: Month 2, The Bedroom

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The "All Around the House" Learning Track series is geared for beginners who want to incorporate language learning and practice into their everyday lives. Each month will focus on one room of the house (until it’s time to go outside) and we will focus on learning the main items and furniture in that room, what kinds of things we do in the room, as well as some key grammar points. Goals: The goal is to learn a language by focusing on things you see or do every day (or at least quite often). Having this frequent connection with the material will allow you to learn it in a more meaningful way. Special Notes: Keep in mind, this is Level 1 of this track, which means we won’t dive deep into niche items and we don’t recommend overwhelming yourself with them too soon. Each week we will give you a task to help you test your knowledge of what you learned so far. Feel free to learn at your own pace, your goal is to master the vocabulary and grammar by the end of the month. What to expect? - Weekly check-ins - Learn about things around your house and neighborhood - Learn to talk about actions and events that happen at home or in your neighborhood - Develop grammar skills sufficient for most conversations and situations - Try new ways to incorporate language study into your daily life - Flexibility in your learning process. Focus on your weaknesses and hone in your strengths with our monthly plan If you're ready to reach your language goals from the comfort of your own home, then join this series!

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