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Food Vocabulary Language Challenge

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Are you looking for a way to build your vocabulary in a new language? Why not start with everyone’s favorite topic: food! Join this short and fun challenge to learn just 10 foods a day with bonus language study ideas for those days when you want to mix in some grammar practice. This activity is perfect for absolute beginners or learners who want to build a language vocabulary habit while talking about something fun! Let’s go, language foodies! Goals: Learn 140 food-related vocabulary words in just 14 days! Here’s what you can expect: Daily Prompts: Get a new topic every day with questions and guiding sentences to get you started. Flexible Learning: Choose a consistent slot in your day for distraction-free learning for 21 days, or go at your own pace without worrying about the course closing. Do what works for you! Habit Building Exercise: Perfect for those looking to regularly build their vocabulary Tailored to Your Style: Answer each prompt in a way that resonates with your unique learning style. It’s a personal journey! Stress-Free Zone: There are no grades here. Just pure learning joy, at your own pace and level. How to participate: 1. Join this challenge program 2. Set up your membership profile 3. Open challenge program 4. Read the day's prompt, find and study new words, and complete the daily check in quiz to complete each day's challenge! Want to share your adventure and get cheered on? Post your progress with @speakinspades and @language.studygram_ on Instagram or Facebook. It’s a great way to stay motivated and connected! Want even more ways to stay connected? Then post your progress in our Wild Card Challenger Group for access to an awesome community of language challengers around the world! Are you ready to dig deep in your target language?

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