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Did you miss the viral 30-day Instagram language challenge that was hosted in the summer of 2023? Are you ready to improve in your target language in just one month? Then hurry up and grab this journal!


What's inside:

  • Fresh prompts every day for 30 days: Each day has a general theme and up to 3 activities for you to choose from to earn 'points' as you complete the journal.
  • Progress tracker: Wanna stay motivated to complete the journal? Write each day's 'points' in one place; right under your personal goals!
  • 30 journal pages: Write your daily responses in one space. BONUS: New Vocabulary and Reflection sections on each journal page!


As you complete the 2023 Language Olympics Writing Challenge Journal, don't forget to tag us on Instagram and use #LanguageOlympics so we can cheer you on! Are you ready to take home the gold?

2023 Language Olympics Writing Challenge Journal

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