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Play some of your favorite card games with a language challenge twist, including:


I Declare War, Go Fish, Old Maid, SPOONS/PIGS, Slap Jack, ERS, Palace, President, Bluff, and more!


With this deck, you can enjoy playing and learning with 2 unique language challenges on each card. That's over 100 challenges you can use to learn a language!


This deck is designed to give you complete control over your language games; no two games will look the same! Play to work together, take on a new challenge, or even challenge yourself to some solitaire! Either way you play, be ready to take notes and learn something new.


Recommended for language exchanges, group tutoring sessions, or classrooms with diverse language levels. 

Spade Language Cards

$35.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price
  • As long as the product is in stock, you should receive an email from Speak in Spades with further details on when and how the product will be shipped. 

    Thank you so much for cooperating with us as we work towards making the language world a funner place!

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