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Can you ask and answer 150 questions about yourself in Spanish?


With this fun language journal, you can write about yourself in Spanish using questions that you'll ACTUALLY see and hear when connecting with the world. 


There are 10 chapters' with questions and prompts created for advanced beginners and intermediate learners to practice with:


  • Grammar and vocabulary note sections (Note: No grammar is provided in this book, but vocabulary suggestions are given for each chapter)
  • short and long-answer questions for you to answer about yourself
  • a chapter prompt where you can practice answering in 1st person ( "I" ) and 3rd person ( "he/she/it" )


We've even sprinkled some 5 extra topics in the book for you!


Pro Tip: Share your progress using #speakinspades so we can cheer you on as you study! 


*Once you purchase the journal, the file can be downloaded with the "Download" link provided in the emailed receipt. Go to the "Contact Us" page for help.

Spanish Language Journal (PDF)

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